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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good news on the Blogger Poker Tour!

So after 6 events in season 2, you might think you don't have a chance to make the top 2o. I have some good news that says its still wide open!

Of the 180 that have participated in the BPT this season only 20 will take a seat in the grand final and have a shot at the guaranteed prizes.

With one event left though over 100 players have a shot at making it into that 20.

The bubble for 20th place is currently 436 points, with Fladrius earning 396 points for his first place finish on the weekend anyone with about 100 points has a shot at that final.

Now that was the situation when I started writing this blog, that changed slightly when I got news of a very generous offer by the host of the next event Imjusthere4thebeer.

With his place in the grand final already pretty much assured thanks to his results to date, he has generously offered to put his host bonus on his head as a bounty.

He has asked to put two conditions on the bounty:
1. BPT Banner is working and prominently displayed on the ousting blogger's blog.
2. Blogger must have posted "about the blogger poker tour" within the past seven days and again the day of the tournament

In event one we had the host bonus on my head and ViezeMan has since gone on to parlay that modest bonus into 3rd place on the ladder.

Fast forward to the final event and with a field possibly double that of the first event this host bonus is going to be far from modest.

And the best news for those out there that are unsure about Omaha hi/lo is that all it could take is one hand and you could win the same points as the winner of the event, OR here is my favorite part........ since the game is hi/lo 2 players could split the points!

With the addition of this bounty bonus, someone who hasn't even played in the BPT could still make the final, all they have to do is knock out the host, Imjusthere4thebeeer and win the event!

More importantly, will all those extra points floating around, everyone that has participated in the BPT so far this season now has more chances to make that top 20. We love it when we can swing the odds in your favor!

So start practicing your Omaha, and keep an eye out for those low hands, knocking out the host with a low hand could prove to be rather fruitful!

To find hints on Omaha Hi/Lo or for help with your blog keep an eye on the Blogger Poker Tour Forums.

To keep track of all everyone's leaderboard points go to the all inclusive BPT Leaderboard.

If you should have any questions about the tour please visit for more information, or email

Shane @
BPT Commissioner


  • This is a great time to ensure everyone's links/banners are working properly!

    Additionally, timing is perfect to get the word out.


    By imjusthere4thebeer, at 9:41 AM  

  • Great time to make sure everyone's banners/links are working properly.

    Additionally, spreading the word helps generate referral points!

    It's still anyone's tour, as anyone can still make it to the grand final!


    By imjusthere4thebeer, at 9:42 AM  

  • gotta love when the comments box acts up... or maybe it's my internet connection, who knows...

    By imjusthere4thebeer, at 11:36 AM  

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